You deserve all the tools and information to make the healthiest decisions possible.

An appointment provides you with a full medical verification of pregnancy and ultrasound by licensed professionals. These services will determine how many weeks you are into your pregnancy, check for viability, and provide an opportunity for you to receive any support you may need going forward as you contemplate your decision to parent, adopt, or abort your pregnancy.

We do not refer for abortions or provide abortions at this clinic. Our medical professionals are licensed, insured, and available to discuss all of your options including abortion. We are invested in your care and your future. As such, costs are waived and support is available to you and your loved ones regardless of the choice you make moving forward. 

To schedule an appointment or for help with medical questions outside of business hours, text a licensed registered nurse using the link below. During business hours, you may also choose to call the clinic and speak with a receptionist.

Please use the contact form below for non-medical questions.

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What to Expect

As soon as you think you could be pregnant it is important to seek care from a medical professional.  Your first appointment at Pregnancy Help Clinic will begin with an overview of your health history and a pregnancy test.  This appointment will provide you with documentation to verify your pregnancy and can be used with future medical providers and at the WIC office.  A medical verification will document results of an early urine hCG qualitative pregnancy test and an estimated date of delivery.

  • Plan to provide a urine sample during your appointment.
  • To protect your privacy, you will need to bring a photo ID and allow us to take your picture.
  • Please remain in your car until your appointment time.
  • Licensed professionals will review your health history and provide you with a one hour consultation regarding next steps in your pregnancy.
  • Fill out the form below or call the office to schedule your appointment.
    • Brighton 810.494.5433
    • Flint 810.877.6695

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